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How To Renovate a Bathroom #1

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Bathrooms might seem like a huge undertaking when renovating (especially if its DIY) but if you're prepared and not afraid of a little elbow grease then this project is something you should start! A mirror is really the centerpiece of the bathroom so a new one will elevate the look of your bathroom. Depending on the style you choose to go with it can transform an old, bleak bathroom into a modern and chic one.

Always always ALWAYS start with your prep work. I can't stress enough how important this step is because if you forget something at the store or left something in your garage then that's time spent on getting those items. Your time is valuable and not preparing for a project like this can really set you back in so many ways.

When you’ve decided on a particular mirror you can then plan on how it will get hooked up to the wall. If possible, test the new mirror and make sure its working properly. If you have an existing mirror that has wires and you're replacing it with a more modern mirror also with lights then you can plan on if those wires are able to be connected. (for this part I would do research on which wires are compatible with which and how to properly connect them). Dismount the existing mirror but make sure you’ve taken into account the wires (if any) behind it. Place new mirror onto the same spot or tweak the area but make sure the mirror can be mounted properly onto the wall.

One last crucial step is to step back and marvel in the thing you just accomplished. You should be very proud of yourself. If this is your first DIY then hopefully the satisfaction of finishing this job will lead to you doing more and more projects yourself! Be sure to check out our other renovations ideas for inspiration. Always feel free to send us your before and afters as we would like to have you featured!

STEP 1: This process is really quite easy. As always, you should start with prep work.

Whatever supply you might need or even think about needing, HAVE IT PREPARED!

STEP 2: Clean your work area, have your materials ready (if you opted to get a vanity mirror with lights, if possible test the product before proceeding) and be ready to run into a problem you might not know the answer to.

The more you clean along the way the less of a clean up you'll have at the end!

Be very ready of any problem that can come up!

STEP 3: Dismount your current bathroom mirror (note: if your bathroom has lights then it is obviously connected to a power source. Please be REALLY careful when taking it off the wall.

My old bathroom vanity had 2 wires attached for the lights connected to my light switch. I started unscrewing the vanity from the wall and it exposed the wires. After safely cutting these wires I was able to proceed taking the whole vanity off.

STEP 4: Mount the mirror to the wall but make sure you have secured the wires properly!

Also make sure you cut the power to your bathroom from the breaker and if you have any confusion on the wire connection please do your research on it before attempting anything. Wear gloves if you're cutting wires!

STEP 5: Clean up any mess you’ve made along the way as I’m sure you've made some. Now marvel at your fine work. Enjoy every bit of it and be proud of the work you've accomplished.

This is easily the most exciting part of the any DIY process! For me personally, finishing up a project inspires and motivates me to start a new one!

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Disclosure: We at PanHelic are not licensed professionals. Everything we say here is purely our ways of doing DIY. If you need to refer to anyone about code, permits, safety guidelines or anything of relation please contact your local professionals for help.

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