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How To Build a Firepit

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

There’s nothing better than relaxing on a summer night with a group of friends around a fire pit! An addition of a fire pit in the backyard can turn your plain backyard into your new favorite part of your home Not only is it cost-effective but also very easy to do! With just a few simple steps you can build your own fire pit!

If an idea of a fire pit is something you want to do, then get all of your supplies ready. Being ready with all your materials can save you so much time in this journey. A fan favorite here at PanHelic when making a fire pit is using some pavers. Very cheap and easy to build with. While you're out and getting your supplies go ahead and check with your local building code when it comes to fire pits. Some cities rules may vary, so please check your local guidelines before starting.

Now that you have all your materials, go ahead and designate the area you want the fire pit to be in. Mark it and start digging down to atleast 6-7 inches to make room for the gravel layer. Make sure to tamper the ground flat so you have a nice solid surface for the gravel layer to sit on.

Next step would be to pour the gravel layer and wash it down with a hose. While on this stage let the gravel soak in the water then start tampering (while still wet). Make sure the surface you're working on is nice and level because this is the foundation for your fire pit! If the fire pit is bigger then feel free to rent a tampering machine at your local hardware store but if its just a small area, you can buy these hand tampering tool that does the same job!

You've got your materials and you've laid down a good foundation. It's now time to lay down the pavers! If you decided to do a circular fire pit Get pavers that are designed for it. Make sure to use a bonding agent whether adhesives or cement to bind the pavers together. These types of pavers are longer on one side making it easier to lay down in a circle. Us here at PanHelic prefer to make the rectangular design because its easier and more room for customizations!

Last but not least, enjoy your work! You've come a long way from the beginning to the end. I hope you are proud of your work and now you have a nice outdoor spot you can enjoy around your friends and family!

Optional: You can add a fire pit bowl on your build if you want. I recommend this strategy

because it can really make your fire pit more controlled and long-lasting.

STEP 1: Prep your materials and area! This is such an important step and I cant stress enough how much time you can save by being prepared.

Make sure to check local building codes to see if theres any guidelines you must follow

STEP 2: Designate your spot and start digging! 6-7 inches down and then tamper the ground!

This is the most tiring part so make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks if needed!

STEP 3: Add gravel and wash it down with water! Give the water a few minutes to soak then tamper it flat!

If you decide to do a large area then renting a tampering machine is best, but if its a small enough area just use a hand tamper like this to do the job!

STEP 4: Position your pavers in the orientation you want while making sure it stays level! Add a bonding material like cement or adhesive (one thats appropriate for this job) and seal everything.

If you want to have a circular fire pit then make sure you get the proper pavers! We prefer rectangular ones just because it gives more freedom on size of the fire pit.

STEP 5: Enjoy your new fire pit! Remember to enjoy it with a group of friends so they can see your hard work!

Another option is to add a fire pit bowl into your fire pit that would sit on top of the pavers you just built.

Things You Need

Disclosure: We at PanHelic are not licensed professionals. Everything we say here is purely our ways of doing DIY. If you need to refer to anyone about code, permits, safety guidelines or anything of relation please contact your local professionals for help.


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