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How to Get New Countertops For Cheap

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Kitchens' are one of the best places to start when you're looking to renovate around the house. For this DIY entry, we want to show you all a very easy and cost-effective way to turn an old kitchen countertop into a nice beautiful one without breaking the bank! Not only will this project be easy and cost-effective, it is also renter friendly! So for those who are renting, a beautiful kitchen countertop is within reach!

STEP 1: Get your materials ready! Make sure you know the proper amount of materials so measure every surface you need to cover up.

Order an additional 20% more of the measured surface area to ensure you have plenty.

STEP 2: Clean the surface of the counter top. Make sure its dust and oil free to ensure a proper adhesion of the new counter top look.

Oil and dust can cause air bubbles that will be a pain to take out once you've set the rest of the new roll of counter top.

STEP 3: Start from one end and slowly work your way. As you are rolling out the new face of the counter top, have a helper use the plastic spatula to get rid of the air bubbles. Use the exacto knife to cut any excess materials!

As you're making progress, it is crucial to have a helper getting rid of the air bubbles as the other one is making sure the placement of the new face is in proper spot.

STEP 4: Use a heat gun or a blow dryer to get rid of any excess air bubbles. This step is optional (especially those who are renting) but doing this can make the quality of your work much, much better!

Its important that you take your time when doing this project. It is not a race. Just remember that this is something you'll be seeing every time you walk by your kitchen, so avoid any mistake you can!

STEP 5: All finished! Enjoy the work you did and be proud of it! For those who are renting this project can be easily removed for when its time to move out.

We will now be have a section for our renter friendly renovations and ideas! Keep a look out and send us your own renter friendly ideas to be featured in our weekly DIYer!


Disclosure: We at PanHelic are not licensed professionals. Everything we say here is purely our ways of doing DIY. If you need to refer to anyone about code, permits, safety guidelines or anything of relation please contact your local professionals for help.

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