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How to Install Frosted Glass On Existing Windows

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

If you're in need of more privacy in a certain room or even as a subtle wall divider then installing frosted effect on your existing windows is the best and cheapest option you have! In this guide you'll see how you can install these frosted window film in less than 30 minutes!

STEP 1: Buy your materials! Refer to the list below for the materials you will need for this project. Measure the desired area you're working on and for this case you want to order about 20% more materials to account for mistakes and cuts!

When doing projects like this, I personally like to buy extra materials needed for the desired area you're working on. This ensures that if you make a mistake, you don't have to wait to get more materials in order to continue!

STEP 2: After measuring, you want to cut the pieces a little bigger than the area you want to cover.

Leave room for yourself to make a mistake. More often than not, mistakes will happen! Luckily this project is very forgiving when it comes to that.

STEP 3: Use your spray bottle and spray the area you want to cover (there's no such thing as too much water for this step). You can peel the back then apply the film in the desired area. At this time of the application you can move the film around to your desired look while making sure you remove any air bubbles you may have.

This step is very forgiving as you have time to shift and move the film to your desired fit!

STEP 4: Once you have the desired fit, cut any excess film you may have. Sit back, let it dry and then you are all done!


Disclosure: We at PanHelic are not licensed professionals. Everything we say here is purely our ways of doing DIY. If you need to refer to anyone about code, permits, safety guidelines or anything of relation please contact your local professionals for help.

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